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"Volcano Girls" is the title of a song by Veruca Salt. In the lyrics, they tell you that "the Seether" is Louise. My middle name is Louise, so I decided I might as well create my public relations/marketing site around that concept. I live for music and for supporting all the various small businesses, creativity, and individuality in my surrounding communities. -Kate

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Book Doctors

We’re dedicated to helping writers everywhere get their books published. Between us, we have over a quarter of a century’s worth of experience turning talented writers into published authors. Whether your book suffers from Titleitis, has no spine or needs a chapterectomy, we will help you fix it so that you can write it, sell it, and market it. Successfully. Not to mention have fun while doing it.

What we do:
• Book proposal development
• Manuscript review
• Hands-on editing
• Coaching, midwiving and general emotional/mental/spiritual support!
• Ghostwriting services

We can also help you:
• Choose the right idea
• Come up with a great title
• Formulate and perfect your pitch
• Decide if you need an agent or if you should go directly to a publisher or explore self-publishing
• Construct a query letter that will actually get read
• Find an agent/publisher that’s right for you
• Figure out the best way to self-publish
• Make and sell an ebook
• Understand/assess contract issues and questions
• Create a social media plan
• Create an online marketing strategy
• Create a publicity and marketing plan
• Become TV and radio friendly via media training
• Formulate your event-planning strategy
• Set up a schedule

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