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"Volcano Girls" is the title of a song by Veruca Salt. In the lyrics, they tell you that "the Seether" is Louise. My middle name is Louise, so I decided I might as well create my public relations/marketing site around that concept. I live for music and for supporting all the various small businesses, creativity, and individuality in my surrounding communities. -Kate

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

DWAP Productions

"DWAP Productions is a Los Angeles based media art production partnership combining the talents of Dale Wilson and Astra Price. Recently having self-published another collection of Caffeine Dreams, DWAP Productions has been producing video, installation, print, and other multi-media works professionally for over 10 years now.
Dale has worked at dot coms for many years, Astra’s video productions have shown around the world including Europe and Asia and she currently works as a video engineer/teacher at a private secondary education institute. DWAP Productions’ goal is to provide creative works that push the bounds of multiple mediums while entertaining, educating and inspiring."

-about DWAP Productions