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Friday, October 22, 2010

Jersey Shore season 2 Finale

Jersey Shore season two came to an end last night, October 21, 2010 at 10 p.m. ET.

Taking notes while watching
The last episode of season two was one that definitely sets up for season three quite nicely.

The episode starts with the group of seven going out to the Everglades. At a restaurant the group decides to try frog legs, but JWOWW is seriously disgusted by the entire concept. While JWOWW is in the bathroom The Situation stands outside the door waiting for her to come out as she dangles frog legs in her face.

On the drive back to Miami The Situation asks Ronnie to pull the van over so that he can vomit said frog legs.

When the crew gets back Vinny and Pauly D prepare to take out two of the ladies that they really liked during the stay in Miami. Vinny takes out Ramona, and it was a very sweet scenario. The two know that they cannot have a long distance relationship, but it is apparent that the two wish they had more time together. As Vinny kisses her good-bye (they did not smoosh) the cameras switch to Pauly D's date with Rocia. The two agree that they cannot have a long distance relationship, but they really would like that. At the end of the night he is making out with her and says, "I don't even want to smoosh her." Coming from Pauly D that is pretty romantic.

Image courtesy of MTV
Then the last romantic dinner of the night is Ronnie and Sammi - which is the least romantic. The two sit there in silent and then Sammi calls Ronnie out for acting different. She says, "I want to be with my boyfriend all the time." Ronnie insists that Sammi needs to admit that she's wrong - because apparently the two are in some sort of fight (like always).

When everyone is back from their dates the entire house goes out to the club to have some fun. Sammi and Ronnie are drinking, and Sammi finally apologizes. The rest of the house is dancing and having a great time.

Two girls approach Vinny and want a threesome. Vinny says, "Sometimes two grenades equals one good looking girl," and then says, "I really wish I was with Ramona when these grenades came up to me wanting a threesome." Thankfully, Vinny turns down the grenades saying "SAY NO TO HOES" - and The Situation takes the opportunity to jump on that.

The Situation goes in the bathroom with the two girls and uses some strange hand motions to explain what was going on between the three of them. That's kind of funny.

The housemates start to clean, and there is a lot to clean -- including food from when Vinny's mom came.

While cooking the family dinner Sammi just has a bad attitude toward Snooki, and Snooki is sad because she really had a friendship with Sammi. During dinner a little bit of an intense moment happens when discussing who did the least in the house - Sammi getting offended.

Courtesy of MTV
They go into the living room and Vinny has a bright idea and says, "You know when you're in high school and there's those things in the yearbook like 'most likely to sleep with my sister' and stuff - well we should do that."

The first superlative is tame saying "most likely to get skin cancer." This is a joke by saying who tans the most. Pauly D jokes that he definitely should get that.

Somehow a fight escalates between Vinny and the Situation. He is saying that Vinny just started doing "GTL" this season and that he did the robbery on Pauly D. It's a really strange "situation." (It's strange how it's hard to use that word without thinking of Mike Sorrentino) The two just are fighting about tanning.

Then they discuss who is the fakest one in the house. People start to get very defensive. The Situation is getting pinpointed and he says, "Well since Angelina isn't in the house it has to be me!" Then something happens making JWOWW angry and The Situation and the others confide to Snooki that they think JWOWW is the fakest in the house. She has breast implants and has gotten lots of plastic surgery - so it's not that far fetched.

Image courtesy of MTV
"It's so typical to talk shit on the last day, because if you did it before you'd be outcasted. Now it's the last night and everyone's speaking out," The Situation says.

The rest of the episode is just a mess of fighting, crying, shouting, drinking and sets up for the third season.

This Jersey Shore coverage began as a character analysis, but after watching one episode the show becomes an addicting guilty pleasure. Make sure to tune into see next season's recaps.

By Nikky Raney
Journalist & Blogger

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