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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Apeface and Crumplezone

"After a brief hiatus, Apeface and Crumplezone are back with a full-length space-rap concept record entitled “Escape To Mizar 5”. With the help of an accompanying 12 page comic book, A&C take the listener along with them as they arrive on Mizar 5, a prison colony/red light district, and take over the planet’s crime syndicate from the ground up. It’s a journey which is part Scarface, part Star Trek, and all parts fresh."

"The full-length album, “Escape To Mizar 5”, due late Summer of 2012, features a long list of guest appearances from the rock, rap, and R&B worlds and all new beats from the man Crumplezone himself. Vocally, this record finds Crump-Z returning to his constant stylistic shifts and hard-hitting delivery and Apeface rounding things out with his laid-back flow and offbeat ad-libs."

Members: Apeface - Kyle Cornett Crumplezone - Brad White

Prior Releases: Apeface and Crumplezone - “Space and Shit” (2006, EP)


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